Vitamins & Botanicals

One of my most frequently asked questions is “Do you have any recommendations for supplements & vitamins I should take?” I recommend whole food based vitamins, rather than synthetically made ones. If you are unsure if you are taking synthetic vitamins, I can help you!  There is so much information about vitamins and supplements, so take a look at the articles below, and let me contact me with your questions!

This is a great video series about natural vs synthetic video series: Antioxidants : Vitamin A & B;  Vitamins B12, C, D, E and K, Folate vs Folic Acid ;  Food Minerals, Mineral salts. And do you know how to read a vitamin label? Watch this 15 minute YouTube video by Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, LAc, CAN.

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Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B7 Vitamin B9
Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K1 Vitamin K2 Vitamin B12
Dark, leafy greens contain natural folic acid

Vitamin B
Pregnant women need adequate folate (vitamin B9) or they risk having a baby with a neural tube disorder, but did you know that up to 60% of the U.S. population (including men) may have a genetic enzyme defect that makes it difficult for them to convert folic acid (the synthetic form of folate used in many multivitamins today) into its active form? This is a VERY common deficiency. Eye, hair, nail, mouth, and skin symptoms are among the early warning signs of B-vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

For an active form of folate, that does not require conversion like folic acid and can be used by the body immediately, choose a multi that contains the most absorbable form called 5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate).

Vitamin A
If your vitamin A is listed as “Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A Precursor)“, this is not vitamin A. It converts poorly in diabetics, people with hypothyroidism, babies, celiac disease.

Vitamin C
if your vitamin C is listed as “(Ascorbic Acid)”, it is synthetically made with corn oil + sulphuric acid. High amount of ascorbic acid will cause diarrhea and blood in urine.

Vitamin-D-MapVitamin D
Vitamin D is essential for immune system If your Vitamin D3 is listed as “(Cholecalciferol)”, it is synthetically made. Choose whole foods based vitamins.Vitamin D levels tend to be the lowest in the winter months, Take D3 (not D2) 5000 IU/day during the flu season. The darker skinned people (like me), you need to take more. Take Vitamin D + Fish Oil (3,000 mg of EPA and DHA) to boost immunity, especially during the flu season. This article might convince you how important to take the proper dosage of Vitamin D everyday. Please read! *** Important note here – Vitamin D’s absorption level increases when it was taken with Vitamin K1+K2. You can get K1 from eating dark green leaf vegetables and K2 from fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim-chi, tempeh.

Vitamin E
Did you know that many multivitamins only contain synthetic vitamin E (dl-tocopherol)? According to the published research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition natural vitamin E (d-tocopherol) is retained at double the rate and is more biologically active.

Almonds and avocado are delicious sources of Vitamin EAdditionally, vitamin E is split into 2 families the tocopherols and the tocotrienols which both contain 4 unique derivatives (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). The problem is most multis only contain alpha tocopherol (just one family of the tocopherols) and they rarely contain any members of the tocotrienol family, which have been shown to have 30-60% more powerful antioxidant properties than tocopherols.

For the full health benefits of vitamin E, look for a multivitamin that delivers a “Full Spectrum” of d-tocopherols & d-tocotrienols.
Be sure your vitamin E supplement is natural, not synthetic, which has been linked to cancer. Wheat germ oil (capsule) is a natural source of Vitamin E (200 IU x 1/day), and here’s a list of foods containing vitamin E.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K is often omitted from many multivitamin formulations, but it is essential for bone strength and heart health. Look for a multi that contains both K1 and K2. And if you really want to go the extra mile (which we recommend) you want both forms of vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7).

While vitamin K1 plays a role in blood clotting, K2 is a more important inducer of bone mineralization, and has been proven in studies to be as effective as prescription drugs in reducing the incidence of bone fractures. Additionally, because K2 directs the calcium out of the arteries and into the bones where it is needed, K2 is essential for the prevention of arterial calcification and coronary heart disease.

Trace Minerals

Calcium (Ca) Magnesium (Mg) Sodium (Na) Potassium (K)
Iron (Fe) Copper (Cu) Manganese (Mn) Zinc (Zn)
Chromium (Cr) Selenium (Se) Phosphorus (P) Molybdenum (Na)
Iodine Sulpher Silica/Silicon Boron

Go ahead—turn over your multivitamin and see if it contains 600mg of calcium. We can almost guarantee you that it doesn’t…but it should. Now you may be asking why 600 mg, why not 1000 mg? We suggest 600 mg because that is the maximum amount of calcium that can be absorbed by the body at one time.
You also want to look for a supplement that uses calcium citrate (if you are taking a pill, tablet or capsule) or calcium carbonate along with non-GMO citric acid to stimulate the conversion of the calcium carbonate to calcium citrate in water if you take a powdered multivitamin (which we suggest for better absorption.)
Remember, becoming sufficient in calcium not only helps to build strong bones, but also eliminates cravings for both sweet and salty foods.
The calcium supplement Adora is chewable, and easy on the stomach, though it contains cocoa and sugar.
Calcium Carbonates are the hardest calcium to digest, so choose choose Calcium Lactate.

Were we right about the amount of calcium in your current multi? Well, we can do the same trick with magnesium. We predict that your current multi does not have 400 mg (100% RDI) of magnesium either – the minimum amount needed everyday to maintain basic health. No, we are not psychic, but the sad fact is most multivitamins supply only small amounts of magnesium, an essential micronutrient responsible for over 300 essential metabolic reactions in the body as well as controlling sugar cravings.

Again you will want to look for magnesium citrate (pill, tablet or capsule) or a powdered formula containing magnesium carbonate and non-GMO citric acid so it can be converted to magnesium citrate.

This is a VERY common deficiency. Eye twitches, facial ticks, muscle spasms, frequent calf cramps AND “MIGRAINES” ladies, Migraines !The pounding headache hits hard behind your eye to the side of your head !!! Many magnesium deficiency signs and symptoms listed * I suggest not to choose Magnesium (Carbonate) which is the hardest synthetically made magnesium to digest.Top 10 foods high in Magnesium



Many people find iron hard on the stomach. Often, when people complain to me about their multivitamins or prenatal vitamins upsetting their stomachs, it’s the iron. Floradix, a liquid form iron supplement, is easy on your stomach. Ask your doctor to test “Ferritin” level. It is the simple blood test to show how much your iron “storage” level is. If it is lower than 30, you may take Hema-Plex which contains 85 mg of iron in one tablet. It is sustained release and easy on stomach. Take it w/o food.


(Full descriptions for the above Trace Minerals coming soon!)

Supplements and Extracts

All of the below supplements and extracts are available in my clinic.

5-HTP Aloe Vera Alpha Lipoic Acid Apple Cider Vinegar Ashwagandha
Beta-Glucan Bilberry Black Currant Black Walnut Buplerum
Butcher’s Bloom Celery Seed Chaste Tree Coenzyme Q10 Collinsonia Root
Cranberry D-Mannose powder Damania leaf Dandelion Root Elderberry
Electrolytes Fenugreek Flax Seed Oil Diamaceous Earth GABA
Gamme Oryzanol Garlic Gentian Ginkgo Keaf Glutathione
Golden Seal Grape Seed Gymnema Hawthorn Holy Basil
Horsechestnut Seed Inostol Korean Ginseng L-Arginine L-Carnitine
L-Theanine L-Tryptophan L-Tyrosine Lion’s Mane Maca Root
Magnolia Flower Maitake Mushroom Marshmallow Root Melatonin Moringa
N-Acetyl-L Cysteine Omega-3 & -6 Oregano Oil Passion Flower Pomegranate
Probiotics Pueraria Root Pycnogenol Red Wine Rose Hips
Rosemary leaf Schisandra fruit Shatavari Root Silymarin(Milk Thistle) Slippery Elm
Spanish Black Radish Valerian Root Wheatgrass White Peony Wild Blueberry



Aloe Vera

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Apple cider vinegar – has a lot to offer from detox, weight loss, digestion and skin problems, get rid of warts and  grow shiny hair!



Bilberry – for eyes, memory, venous insufficiency, allergic contact dermatitis, and bilberry is antioxidants!
Black Currant Extract – for treat sore throats, uric acid and stone treatment, bleeding gums, diarrhea, arthritis in the legs, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms and more 
Black Walnut
Butcher’s Bloom


Celery Seed Extract – for Gout Attack prevention, R/A, HBP etc…
Chaste Tree
Coenzyme Q10  (ubiquinone ) and Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol)** preferred**
Collinsonia Root
Cranberry Juice/Extract – work as an antioxidant, urinary tract problems, minimize brain damage caused by stroke, prevent tooth decay


D-Mannose powder
Damania leaf
Dandelion Root


Elderberry Extract – for cold / flu season – it will boost the immune system.
Electrolytes – Potassium Support. Zico Coconuts Water instead of drinking Gatorade!


Fenugreek – Here’s the top 10 benefits Chart
Flax Seed Oil –1-3 tbsp per day. This is the essential oil to keep you healthy! Barlean’s Flax OIl, Omega Nutrition, Spectrum – avoid order online during the summer. Need to be refrigerated.
Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) – You might have never heard of this supplement. This is a soft white powder formed from the fossilized remains hard shelled algae have so many benefits for humans as well as your pets. It surely works well for many GI symptoms includes food intolerances, parasites, fungus, bacterial overgrowth combined with other modalities like Biociden.


Gamme Oryzanol
Garlic supplement – one per day tablet gentle on the stomach
Ginkgo Leaf
Golden Seal
Grape Seed Extract – one of the richest sources of OPC (Oligomeric Proantho-Cyanidins), anti-aging, antioxidant, antihistamine & anti-inflammatory, improve mental alertness


Holy Basil
Horsechestnut Seed


Inostol – (2mg x 2/day)- Inostol is great supplement for blood sugar control


Korean Ginseng


Lion’s Mane


Maca Root
Magnolia Flower
Maitake Mushroom
Marshmallow Root Extract – Sore throat, dry hacking cough, UTI, digestive problems, and UTI
Melatonin* – (3mg at bed time)


NAC (N-Acetyl-L Cysteine)


Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA)
Omega-6 fatty acids (GLA)
Oregano Oil – Treat Fungus, Bacteria, Infections and more! and Essential Oil usage 


Passion Flower
Pomegranate Juice/Extract – reduces risk of heart disease, improves sexual performance and fertility
Probiotics– I will expand this section later but the most common complains “Bloating and Gas”, you need the bottle contains “Bifidobacterium Infantis” and “Weight Management”, you need “Lactobacillus Gasseri”. The amount of bacterias in the bottle is important but more importantly, make sure you read the labels to see which strains are included. My favorite probiotics are Klaire Lab, Prescript-Assist, and Ortho Molecular Products.
Pueraria Root
Pycnogenolmany benefits for joint pain, retinal heath, diabetes, circulatory problems, venous disorder, asthma, cognitive function, tinnitus, skin care, menstrual cramp and moremenstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms and more.


Red Wine Extract (Resveratrol) – for your coronary health
Rose Hips
Rosemary leaf


Schisandra fruit
Shatavari Root
Silymarin(Milk Thistle)
Slippery Elm
Spanish Black Radish


Valerian Root for restless sleep (tincture works the best)


Wheatgrass– Blue Green Algae – (chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass)-check “wheatgrass section” on my website for more details.
White Peony
Wild Blueberry Extract – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cognitive health – improve memory and brain function, cancer prevention, heart health, diabetes, vision health and UTI

(Descriptions for the rest of the Supplements and Extracts coming soon!)