Managing Mood Disorder

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It often one of brain chemical called “Serotonin” is at least one of the root cause. There are a few remedies for balancing this neuro-chemical. If you were taking one or few SSRI in the past or currently taking depression drug, it might take a few months to gradually taper off from meds. I had helped a quite few patients in the past. Adrenal & Thyroid balancing acupuncture treatment helps tremendously conjunction with supplement intake at the beginning “taper off” phase. A few botanicals I use, either capsules, tables or liquid form, works very well. How does tamietreatment acupuncture treatment work for your depression or addiction to depression drugs? Release Hormone called Endorphins.

Try making this oat straw infusion drink. I am sure you will uplift your mood. Mountain Rose Herbs is the best online store to order single herbs. If you are local (Boston area), Cambridge Natural at Porter Sq. always has oat straw you can buy at bulk rate.

The following is the chemical transformation of very important neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Do you know more than 85% of serotonin is made in gut not brain? Poking around the scalp with a bunch of acupuncture needles have less effect to boost mood. I found much more success by stimulating bile production, improving digestion, opening the detox pathway and of course, my signature treatment – treat adrenal dysfunction. If you are taking anti-depression drug, think twice and try acupuncture treatment. You may follow Kelly Brogan MD (functional medicine doctor)’s Blog. She once said “Depression is not Prozac deficiency”.

Managing Mood Disorder
from “Genova Diagnostics: Organix Urine Organic Acids Interpretive Guide”


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