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New Patients Information – Lexington Acupuncture Clinic


Appointment Guidelines
Sanitation and Attire
IMG_2990Requests for Practitioner
Schedule, Reschedule, or Cancel appointments
Late Arrivals

Appointment Guidelines


…refrain from wearing excessive jewelry. I mean excessive – more than a few!!!
…refrain from wearing perfume, strongly scented oil or lotion.
…refrain from bringing a cup of coffee, tea, soft drink or any foods or you can leave a the front desk.Water bottles are fine.
…arrive at the clinic on time (please see “Late Arrivals” below). Please text me if you are running late.
…do not cancel on the day of your treatment (yes, there are always exceptions!).
…email or text me ahead of time if you have signs of cold/flu (cough, fever, chill, fatigue), sinus infection, shingles etc… which might affect other patients.
…turn off your cellular phone unless you are expecting an important call from your doctor, your children’s school nurse, etc… – please let me know upon your arrival if you need to keep your cellular phone on.

Sanitation and Attire

This clinic uses sterile, disposable needles. Non-insertion techniques are available for children and needle-phobic patients (not for fertility patients). This clinic uses linens, not rolled paper. Since linens cleaned by linen services are treated with strong chemicals and come back very starchy, I clean all linens at my house. However, please feel free to bring your own linens and blankets if you prefer. I suggest you bring a pair of shorts. Female patients—please wear a bra during the treatment (not sports bra). Draping (blanket) will be provided.

Requests for Practitioner

Please email me if there is anything I need to know about you before your first appointment. For example, you may be extremely noise sensitive, easily overheated, or claustrophobic, etc… I would like you to be as comfortable as possible. Each of the clinic’s four rooms has an iPod nano holding 3,550 soothing tracks. Please let me know upon arrival if you have any preference of music such as classical, ocean sounds, classical, new age, meditative music.

Schedule, Reschedule, or Cancel Appointments

I frequently check email messages and text messages between patients so that these two methods are the best way to reach me. If you do not receive my reply email or text message within 2 hours, please call me. I probably did not receive your message. Phone calls – I have more time to talk to you on Monday, Thursday, Sunday all day and Saturday after 2 pm. My work hours on Tue/Wed and Fri/Sat – I usually have no time to listen to voice mail. If you are going to leave a voice mail, please speak slowly to leave your phone number and the time you prefer me to call you back so that we do not need to play phone tag. Please bring your appointment book or simply your smart phone with you! I encourage you to schedule appointments in advance to ensure you receive and retain the time slot you most desire. In case of inclement weather, I will contact you if the clinic will be closed and to reschedule your appointment. However, I have closed my clinic only twice due to snow storms in the last 7 years. Please let me know by 7:00 pm a night before for any changes in your appointment.

Patients who cancel or change their appointments at the last minute three times will no longer be treated. I always email and/or text you to confirm your appointment a day before your appointment day. If you prefer to receive a phone call instead, please let me know. A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for cancellation and rescheduling. Otherwise, you will be responsible for 50% of the treatment fee. If you are not able to come for your appointment on the day of your acupuncture treatment, please reschedule your appointment by Saturday. Saturday patients – I charge full amount for the same day cancellation (of course, there are always exceptions. Please arrange baby sitting service, other appointments, etc. by Friday night so that you can come for your treatment on Saturday.) If you miss your appointment with no advance notice or cancel within 3 hours of your appointment, you will be responsible for the full treatment fee. If your week will be hectic and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to come for treatment or not, you may contact me in the morning of the day you prefer to come, I am more than happy to accommodate you if the space is available.

Late Arrivals

Please be on time so that I will be able to give you a full treatment. I value your time and my time is valuable as well. I usually treat the front for 25 minutes plus and the back for another 25 minutes plus. I schedule patients at 15-minute intervals. If you are driving and stuck in the traffic, please pull over and text me very short message like this “traffic, 15 min late. Kerri “. If you are still at the office and stuck in the meeting, text me as early as possible. I will be able to inform the patient who is going to use the room after you that “Tamie is 10-15 minutes behind the schedule” to see if it isacceptable to the patient or I am able to switch with patients scheduled after your treatment.