Oral Allergy Syndrome

Check this chart – do you have symptoms?

I have patients come in complaining about burning lips, tingling throat, sneezing attack after one bite of peaches, mango, kiwi and nuts like almonds. This is the allergy category called “Oral Allergy Syndrome” (OAS) or “Pollen-Food Syndrome”.

It usually occurs in people who are allergic to “POLLEN” from certain trees, grasses or weeds. It has been shown that pollens from trees, grasses and weeds contain proteins of similar structure to those present in many different fruits, vegetables, nuts and even spices. These proteins, which have essential roles in plant growth and defense against disease, are recognized by the immune system of a hay fever sufferer, and can trigger an allergic reaction in a susceptible person (ref: Allergy UK.org).

Birch pollen is one of the big one I have seen in this area (MA).

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