Primary Care Physician:

  • Bishal Mainali, MD in Arlington near the Arlington Center 781-646-5646
  • Indira Konanur, DO in Framingham just next to Shopper’s world 508-532-0223
  • Linnea Meyer, MD in Boston near North Station 617-918-7598

Functional Medicine Practitioner:

  • Abbas Qutab (Dr. Q.) M.D. (Elan Vital) in Worcester, MA 509-753-0006 run the test calls Blood Chemistry

Holistic Dentistry and Mercury Removal

Dentist (Root Canal):

  • Dr. Rosen Krane in Peabody

Dentist (General Dentistry):

  • Dr. David Wyman in Arlington Heights (my dentist since 1994) 781-816-8119


  • Rajesh K. Garg, MD (Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Hypertension) Brigham and Women’s Hospital 617-732-5764

Reproductive Endocrinologist:

  • Reproductive Endocrinologist in Boston area ->>> RATING Site: Fertility
  • Serene Srouji, MD at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston 617-582-1205 / 617-732-5114
  • Rachel Ashby, MD at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Newton 617-582-1347 / 617-732-4340
  • Samuel Pauli MD at Boston IVF in Lexington
  • Ania Kowalik MD at Fertility Solutions in Woburn and Dedham
  • Pei-Li Huang MD at Fertility Solutions in Woburn and Dedham
  • Carol Anania  MD at Fertility Solutions in Woburn and Dedham



  • Tara Kenny at Boston Community Midwifery 339-203-1445
  • Anne Honegger at MIT spouses and partners 617-682-2382
  • Maria Rader at Birthing Care serving in Boston area 617-281-2144


  • Gregory Kinsman D.C. at Concord Chiropractic 978-369-3806
  • Abbey Denaro D.C. at Denaro Chiropractic in Reading 978-664-1500
  • David Boisvert D.C. at Bedford Chiropractic in Bedford 781-275-0555
  • Marc Moramarco D.C. at Moramarco Chiropractic in Woburn 781-938-8558
  • Peter Stone  P.T. at Neuromuscular Therapy in Needham 781-444-3609

Massage Therapist:

  • Erin Copland in Arlington – 617-216-1569
  • Liz Parsons in Lexington – 781-248-1389
  • Liz Allen at Winchester Natural Health in Winchester – 781-721-4585
  • Theresa Guenard in Lexington (Sunday only/ Thai Massage) – 401-527-4490

Homeopathic Practitioner:

  • Kat Ogar at Infinite Health & Wellness in Norwell, MA 617-678-4088
  • Gail Vanark at Center for Preventive Medicine in Amherst, NH (603)-673-7910 She is EAV practitioner as well.
  • Begabati Lennihan at the Lydian Center, in Cambridge, MA (617) 547-8500)

GI specialist:

  • Amy Barto M.D. at Leahy Clinic in Burlington (Gastroenterologist) 781-744-5100


  • Cindy Leigh Russo at In-Sight Optical in Burlington 781-206-2069
  • Suzanne Ward at Center Eye Care in North Reading. She is especially interested in treating binocular vision. 978-276-1111

Orthopedic Surgery:

  • Eric Woodard MD at NE Baptist Hospital
  • Dr. Akhiesh Sastry MD at Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Portsmouth, NH

Pulmonary / Environmental Toxicity Care:

Chinese Herbalist (raw herbs/tincture)

  • Sheng Zhuang Chiu Lic. Ac. in Boston (near Boston Medical) 617-695-0698
  • Jennifer Tongren Drunker in Amherst 413-230-4400

Community Acupuncture Clinic (group treatment)

  • open-space-community-acupuncture-alt-logo2Openspace – 66 Union Sq. Sommerville 617-627-9700
  • Acupuncture Together – 2464 Mass Av., Cambridge 617-499-9993
  • NE Community Acupuncture – 38 Montvale Ave, Stoneham 781-438-8866
  • Brookline Acupuncture – 167 Corey Road, Brookline 617-879-9992
  • Acupuncture Connection – Northborough and Framingham  58-393-0000