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I practice very gentle Japanese Style of acupuncture which is well suited for balancing hormones. However, please let me know if you prefer to receive Chinese Style, Korean Style or Five Element Style (limited knowledge because I did not go to 5 Element acupuncture school) of acupuncture. I am capable performing these style of acupuncture. My use of needles is gentle enough to be suitable for young children (non-insertion modality available for patients who fear them).  If you are a little fearful that acupuncture is painful, or if you have had an unpleasant acupuncture experience in the past, try a “Tamie-treatment” and experience for yourself how painless and relaxing Japanese-style Acupuncture can be. Each of my treatments involve all of the senses to relax patients. My treatment rooms are quiet and cozy: I use calming oils, soothing music, heat, dim lights, and soft linens to provide a tranquil environment. My clinic is unique in that I provide a whole mind and body approach to wellness. More than just inserting needles into the body, treatment at my clinic involves a thorough analysis of lifestyle (diet, stress, environmental factors) in order to develop a course of treatment that is best suited to a patient’s needs. I offer nutrition and vitamin supplement suggestions, as well as support via text and email whenever you need my suggestions. I also provide additional analysis and support for various functional medicine based questionnaires (sometime lab tests) to help address the root causes of various problems. Please visit here to learn more about what Functional Medicine means. It is all about finding and treating the ROOT of causes.

Please read About Tamie to understand my method of treatment and why it is important.

The “Tamie Treatment” offers:

Gentle, non-invasive treatment: Photo Nov 23, 11 05 04 AM (1)This clinic does not perform deep needle insertion. Japanese-style acupuncture is gentle, non-invasive, and VERY effective. If you are a little fearful that acupuncture is painful, or if you have had an unpleasant acupuncture experience in the past, try a  “Tamie Treatment” and experience for yourself how painless and relaxing Japanese-style Acupuncture can be.

Safe, hygienic treatment: The clinic uses only sterile, single-use, disposable, hair-thin (1/1500 of an inch; 0.16 mm) needles

Natural remedy : Tamie’s treatment strives to help the body heal itself.

Unique diagnostic stylePlease read “Tamie’s Bio” to understand her method of treatment and why it is important.

Effective treatment: Acupuncture has proven to be as effective as, or more effective than conventional treatments for certain conditions.

No side effects: The techniques used at the clinic are non-toxic, and no side effects.

“Tamie Treatment” style is gentle treatment for any ages: My oldest patient is a 98 years old lady and the youngest is 3 month old baby.

Successful integration with conventional medicine: The treatments you receive at this clinic will not interfere with your current treatment program.

Help with alleviating addictive behaviorAlcohol, cigarette smoking, craving for sugar, salt and carbohydrates

Functional MedicineHealthy Living  Advice:

Acupuncture is powerful tool but if combined with functional medicine approach to treat the root of causes of the illnesses, the treatment becomes super powerful which means your time of recovery will be quicker and most importantly you are able to avoid getting sicker in the future by educating yourself. Think about iceberg in Alaska. We are only able to see the top part of iceberg but not under neath of it. Most often our illness is like iceberg but we totally ignore what’s under, firing inflammation all day long. We call chronic illness, chronic stress etc… Autoimmune disease is the good example for that.

Exercise Advice: Proper exercise (movement and stretches) enhance your health tremendously, especially after the injury and surgeries. I can recommend good exercises to promote better health.

Dietary Nutrition Advice – What you put into your mouth everyday is affecting you both physically and mentally.  Please check this page for more information.

Vitamin and Supplemental Support – Do you know most medical school in US and Canada offer only 6 hours or less of “non-medical class” includes nutrition, diet and exercise training during the entire medical school curriculum? Practitioners like chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, some acupuncturists more than your medical doctor knows about. It is crazy but the truth.  I am able to prescribe both Western and Chinese herbal supplements. The labels on vitamins and supplements can be confusing and difficult to understand. I encourage my patients to bring in any vitamins and supplements they have been taking, and I am more than happy to read the labels and explain them to you. The wrong vitamins and supplements (as well as shampoo and cosmetic goods) you use every single day can cause harm in the long run. I promote taking whole food-based supplements, and offer a wide-range in the clinic.

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