Blood Sugar, Diabetes, & Insulin

How’s your blood sugar level? Take this test to see where you are at.

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Blood Sugar

Carnitine is not well-known supplement like Omega3 or Glucosamine but the absolute necessity to make fat to be absorbed into the body. This is the relatively inexpensive supplement to take with the meal. Please talk to your practitioner about it.

Why do you need to take L-Carnitine? Stage 1 on Citric Cycle pathway is broken - If Fat is not absorbed well in this stage, gallbladder and liver have a hard time digesting fat coming in as macronutrient - big distress to GI and not enough energy (citric cycle) to be made - affects on all chronic diseases
From “Genova Diagnostics: Organix Urine Organic Acids Interpretive Guide.”

This is one of my favorite tests to interpret because this is like the blueprint of your body system your normal blood test will not find. The top later is showing macronutrient, fats, carbohydrates and protein. If one of the pathways (I have seen a lot of people have carbohydrates pathways is broken= translation: glucose is not getting into the cells) is broken, the nutrients are not going to the Stage II, I call the “wheel”, which means how could you possibly create ATP (energy) even you take a lot of CoQ10? Again, many of my patients show carbohydrates and fats pathways are broken showing by a high b-hydroxybutyrate marker and high ethyl malonate level instead. Once we fix that problem, at least nutrients you are getting every day will go to the wheel to be able to get to the stage III.

Very unlikely our PCP or specialists (M.D.) will do this test and be able to translate this chart but N.D. or D.C. will. Going to see the local practitioner will be the best if you started to feel just not right, fatigue easily, irritable, not able to sleep well even though mentally physically very tired. I suspect your sugar consumption (decrease!) and fats consumption (eat more avocados, nuts, grass-fed butter, use coconuts oil!) and take high-quality B-complex supplements (one with breakfast and one with lunch time), Magnesium, Iron, and Carnitine will be the good start. My point is taking Co-Q10 once a day will not fix your chronic health issues.

Citric Cycle: How ATP (energy) is made (Stage 1, 2 and 3 pathway): Chronic Disorder includes, adrenal fatigue, Sugar Imbalance, Thyroid, GI distress... everything!
from “Genova Diagnostics: Organix Urine Organic Acids Interpretive Guide”