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Alice, Newton, MA

I started seeing Tamie at the same time when I began my infertility treatment in March 2008. I got pregnant in my second IVF but the reaction from IVF medication was overwhelming. I was hospitalized for a couple of times due to the tremendous side effects of the medications and the invasive procedures. Eventually I had a miscarriage on week 16. Tamie helped me throughout the IVF process, recovery from the miscarriage and giving me her own herbal formula (not the pre-made one, but boiled the herbs from stretch) as an above and beyond acupuncturist. After experiencing the unpredictable side effects from the IVF medications and a heartbreaking miscarriage, my husband and I decided to go naturally and leave it all to the God. We continued seeing Tammie once a week because I believe getting acupuncture treatment on regular basis can improve and maintain my general health, which will be helpful and critical to get pregnant on my own. Six months after the miscarriage, my husband and I took a break and went on a vacation. Tamie predicted I might become pregnant on the trip, but still surprising enough to me, I found myself pregnant after the trip and our baby is due on January 2010. (Tamie’s note: Alice conceived naturally in three years later. Now a mom of two girls.)