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Amy, Boston, MA

I first contacted Tamie for a pre-transfer treatment after my regular acupuncturist was traveling during my transfer. Tamie did not know me but she still offered to see me on a day that she is usually not even in her clinic. I later found out I was pregnant and contacted the acupuncturist I had been seeing throughout my fertility treatments. I was told that there is no need for treatment during pregnancy. This surprised me since I have had several miscarriages and had read that acupuncture can help sustain a pregnancy. The next day I began bleeding bright, red blood. I was devastated and assumed it was another miscarriage. My doctor could only advise me to wait and see. I called Tamie and she arranged for me to come in for treatment ASAP. One day later the bleeding had completely stopped. My HCG levels were where they should be and I never passed any tissue. Through all of this, Tamie was checking in with me to find out how I was doing. She even had me talk to another patient of hers who went through the same type of bleeding and still had a healthy baby. This helped keep my hopes up. An ultrasound soon confirmed a viable pregnancy. I wish I could say this was the only challenge I faced throughout my pregnancy but it was not. Blood tests indicated there might be issues with the placenta. Amazingly, this was something Tamie also worked on and I never had any placental issues. There was also a calcium deposit on the babies heart that is now gone. My pregnancy lasted the entire winter and Tamie’s treatments helped my immune system stay strong to prevent illness and quickly fight off the one cold that I caught. It seems there is nothing Tamie cannot help treat. I went to Tamie consistently throughout my pregnancy and not only did she help with these physical challenges but she also helped my anxiety, which was quite high due to fear of miscarriage. Tamie’s acupuncture treatments are soothing and relaxing. I look forward to them and feel refreshed afterwards. Tamie is a solid support system who develops relationships with her patients and genuinely cares for them. I know that she is determined for me to have this baby and she has done everything she can to make that happen. Having Tamie as a consistent support throughout my pregnancy has given me such peace of mind. Tamie can step in and make things happen when conventional doctors have no other treatment options. Tamie keeps track of how many weeks pregnant I am and when I have an appointment with my doctor. She wants to know how my appointment went because she truly cares. She is always a text away ready to respond to questions and checking in to see how her patients are doing. Tamie is a wealth of information; she often sends articles and videos that her patients can benefit from. Her knowledge of infertility, pregnancy, and nutrition (among so many other things) are invaluable. I truly feel blessed to have found Tamie and recommend her to the highest degree.