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Chris, Lexington, MA

One month before his 11th birthday, our son came down with a migraine headache that would not go away.  His only relief was lying in a dark room.  Conventional doctors did all sorts of neurological tests, the conclusion was, “he has an extended
migraine-like headache”  They ruled out the “worst”, but didn’t have much direction for us as to what the cause was or when it would end.  Migraine prescription medications provided only minor relief.  As Alex started his third week out of school (!) he had his first treatment from Tamie.  He was totally relaxed throughout the entire appointment – this was the first time he’d been “relaxed” during the entire ordeal.   Tamie’s diagnosis was that  he was “stuck in between” which immediately rang true, as he wasn’t getting worse, but he wasn’t getting better. AT the first treatment, Tamie showed us (parents) what the needles felt like – not so much because we were worried it would hurt, but because we were new to acupuncture.  After 6 treatments, Alex had recovered enough to return to school and has not had a repeat of the headache.  Tamie’s kind and compassionate care provided us with certainty that Alex was in good hands.  We would recommend Tamie to any parent who is frustrated with conventional medical results and/or explanations.