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Dianna, Burlington, MA

After many years of dealing with many conventional medical doctors that had no idea what was wrong with my body, the only explanation I got was that I was in menopause! I refused to believe this. My symptoms were loss of my period for 8 months, high FSH level of 74, rectal itching, vaginal itching, joint inflammation and swelling, periods of hot flashes. Without any lab testings, but based on a bunch of questionnaires I answered in her clinic, Tamie’s gut feeling was I have been suffering from Candida which is high yeast overgrowth in body causing chronic yeast infections, leaky gut syndrome and adrenal exhaustion to start with. I was treated one to twice per week with Tamie for 4 weeks and my period came back on a regular basis, my FSH decreased from 74 to 10 (my RE was very impressed), and all the symptoms had diminished. I highly recommend Tamie. She has been a God sent to me. What a Miracle Worker!