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Dina, Bedford, MA

I met Tamie via my fertility Clinic (RSC) right after our first doctor visit there (Sept. 2011). I was convinced I was going to combine acupuncture along with IVF. I had researched enough and was ready to go for it. I was always in favour of alternative medicine and my gut told me that Tamie would be the right person to help me on this adventurous trip towards motherhood.  I started with Tamie right away, 3 months before the egg retrieval (Christmas Eve 2011). I was going twice a week due to my advanced age, 40, and each time was more relaxing and more reassuring than the previous. I always felt safe and secure in her rooms. I could feel her magic needles doing some sort of “magic” on me! And here I am now, Ferbruary 2012 (one and a half months after embryo transfer) 9 weeks pregnant by very first IVFand still visiting Tamie on a weekly basis in order to keep this pregnancy going. Because all I long for now, is to build a safe and protective environment for my TWINS. I cannot thank Tamie enough for all her help and kindness during my motherhood trip. Her magic worked and is still working!