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Dolly, Medford, MA

i have used Tamie’s acupuncture both times I have had IVF and have been really successful – I’m not sure what exactly worked, I just know that both times I went there I felt so relaxed and Tamie made me feel so comfortable.   I’m not too familiar how acupuncture works but I do know that it promotes the flow of energy through your body and nourishes the tissues, giving your body an awakening so to speak. The first time I went to Tamie it was prior to the IVF procedure being performed.  I only had found out about her clinic and decided to do a few sessions – my IVF was successful and I went on to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. My second time with I went through IVF procedure I was having trouble growing the follicles, I didn’t think about doing acupuncture but I started seeing Tamie’s ad everywhere :)  so I decided to go and hopefully get help with the growth of my follicles.  You need 3 follicles at a certain size or greater before the IVF procedure can be performed, I had one follicle that was racing ahead the others slower, the doctor kept monitoring it and tweaking my medication etc. I then had two that were at the right size and the rest were again sluggish, I knew i was coming towards ovulation time – I decided to do the acupuncture – figuring it could only help – I went to meet with Tamie and explained my situation, we did one session and then i went for my blood work and monitoring a day later and it was like a miracle – there were 7 follicles in total that had reached the correct size. I am now 4 months pregnant with my second child. I really feel that the acupuncture sent new fresh nourishment around my body and helped give these follicles a growth spurt, I’m so thankful and if we go through IVF again – this will be top of my list to do as part of my procedure.