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Donna, Waltham, MA

I started seeing Tamie to find relief from a very severe and very unpredictable menstrual-related pain. The pain was so intense that when it occurred, I would usually end up lying on the floor (wherever I happened to be at the time), battling severe
nausea, faintness, and intense sweating for about two hours. Then, the pain would disappear, and I wouldn’t experience it again for another month or six months or more. I’d asked several M.D.s about the pain, and they had alternately suggested that I
might be suffering from estrogen withdrawal, dehydration, endometriosis, and even appendicitis.

None of them could offer a solid diagnosis or a suggestion for treatment because I couldn’t appear in the office at the exact time that I was experiencing the pain. (It’s not so easy to get to a doctor’s office while lying on the floor in agony.) The first time I
mentioned the pain to Tamie, she suggested acupuncture as a treatment. I’d never tried acupuncture before and knew little about it, but Tamie was so confident and knowledgeable in her explanation of how she could help me that I immediately decided to try.

Since I started receiving treatments from Tamie, the intensity of my pain has decreased significantly, and I no longer experience the faintness or excessive sweating that used to accompany the pain. And as an added bonus, the treatments also help me relax and deal with what has lately been a very stressful life. I usually fall asleep during the treatments, and when I leave Tamie’s office, I always feel peaceful and refreshed. Tamie is a truly talented and caring practitioner. I recommend her with the highest level of confidence. She knows what she is doing, and she does it exceptionally well.