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Erin, Burlington, MA

I have had severe tendonitis in my elbows for two years, and a great deal of resulting muscle pain and inflammation in my forearms.  When I first went to see Tamie, the pain was so debilitating I could not use a pen, drive a car, type or hold a shampoo bottle without pain.  Although I had received treatment from several other healthcare professionals, no one had related the injury to the weakness and tightness in my shoulders, neck, back and biceps.  They treated my pain locally, and the pain and inflammation kept returning.  When I think of the care Tamie took in treating me I am absolutely overcome with thankfulness.  Each treatment session was unique, thoughtful, careful and unrushed.  She diligently researched the various muscle groups secondarily responsible for the pain in my arms.  She sent me home with herbs for my shoulders and for general muscle trauma.  She used massage, the application of heat and various topical ointments in addition to acupuncture and herbal remedies.  And day-to-day, week-to-week, she always adjusted her treatments in response to my progress or retrogression.

For the first time in my adult life, I feel muscles in my neck, shoulders, head, face and back loosening deeply, freeing up my arms, my jaw, my chest.  I feel movement in muscles I’ve never felt move.  I no longer feel as chronically anxious and tired as I’ve been long accustomed to feeling.  I can sit more comfortably.  Breathe more comfortably.  Hold my head up more comfortably.  And of course, type and drive more comfortably.

My whole body is healing. Exercising weakened and damaged muscles and keeping the inflammation in my tendons down are the next steps and within my power. But to speak about the treatment I received from Tamie in terms of my arms alone is less than what it deserves, for I consider it to be so much more far-reaching.