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Erin, Portland, ME

I came from a distance and was looking for someplace close to RSC. I found Tamie and she was wonderful!  She was more then accommodating and compassionate!  The acupuncture made me feel more at ease…even when I left
Tamie’s office (the day of my retrieval) to find our car with a dead battery from the lights being left on (whoops!) luckily there was someone in the parking lot able to jump start the car, which my husband and I were so grateful for!  Our infertility was a struggle like many couples. My husband and I very much wanted to have a child together.  He was, however diagnosed with a male infertility factor and our only option to conceive was through IVF with ICSI.  My husband prior to my IVF cycle underwent two testicular biopsies to retrieve sperm, with the second being successful. I am happy to report I am approaching 32 weeks pregnant and excitedly awaiting a baby girl.