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Helen and Ken, Bedford, MA

My husband and I first met Tamie when she was still a student at the New England School of Acupuncture. We received eleven sessions of treatment; but after only the first few we experienced significant relief from the pain of arthritis. An additional
benefit was that there were no side effects, unlike the side effects that typically accompany medication. I am 78 years old and tried acupuncture to alleviate pain in my knees. My husband is 82 years old and suffered from pain and discomfort in his
back, wrist, ankle and neck. After the third treatment we no longer had to take pain medication and everyday tasks are no longer a challenge.

We continue to see Tamie at her office in Lexington and enjoy her treatments which are both gentle and calming. She is caring and considerate as she calls after the session to see how you are progressing. We would strongly recommend Tamie’s treatments to anyone who is seeking relief from any pain, at any age!