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Lisa, Waltham, MA

I have worked with Tamie for over two years to address my digestion problems. I came to Tamie having chronic constipation for most of my life and no experiences of success with western medicine doctors.  Throughout my life, every time I went to a western medicine GI doctor, they would simply suggest that I take a laxative- this never worked. Aside from the ineffective advice, these doctors assumed they knew my problem and never really tried to figure out what the underlying issues to my problems were. From the moment I walked into Tamie’s clinic, her passion for her profession and her commitment to me as a patient have stood out. Her extraordinary patience and optimism has made it possible for me to be patient and hopeful myself. She is constantly doing research outside of our meetings to find possible causes and innovative ways of responding to it. Through her highly skilled and comprehensive research, acupuncture, and supplement protocols she figured out the cause of my constipation! Ever since then I have been constipation free! This is all thanks to Tamie! She is amazing! The changes in my health have made my overall experience of life better! Thank you, Tamie!