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Lucia, Belmont, MA

I owe Tamie so much for the new lease on life she has given me. I started to see Tamie 6 weeks ago after suffering for 3 years of progressively worsening eczema to my face and neck. When I saw Tamie I was in so much pain and my face, eyes, and neck were swollen, scaling, and burning after many ointments and creams prescribed by various well intended dermatology specialist to treat my contact dermatitis. After intensive twice a week Tamie treatments I finally have relief and my skin is silky smooth. Tamie is getting to the source of the problem which is tied to an acidic stomach from stress and  poor nutrition. She has worked with me on eating the right foods, air purification, and oil treatments. Tamie also has done something I never experienced with the many specialist i have seen and that is to treat me holistically and check in after treatments. Her care and compassion and skillful treatments are the perfect combination and as a nurse I value her healing abilities. Another bonus with treatment is I have renewed energy I haven’t experienced in years.  I sleep really well and wake up rested and restored no longer needing 3 cups of caffeine in the morning to get me going. I have an amazing sense of calm and serenity
during stressful moments and I’m more aware of my body and when it is coming into contact with a trigger.  I found Tamie on the web when I was in so much pain and I was isolated because it looked so bad. I didn’t know acupuncture could treat my skin problem but it can. Tamie and I joke that we should have taken before and after pictures but just trust me-it works.  Don’t wait and suffer and just go see Tamie.