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Melissa, Providence, RI

I was already seeing a different acupuncturist in Providence when I decided to go forward with IVF after 2 miscarriages and many months of not conceiving after the last miscarriage.  I found Tamie online as a recommended acupuncturist through RSC and decided to go to her for a number of sessions right around my egg removal and embryo transfers.  Unfortunately, she is too far away to go on a regular basis but I definitely credit her with the success of my IVF (first try!) and helping with stress during the whole process.  She is unbelievably kind and accommodating and is brilliant at what she does.  After my treatments, she checked in with me on a regular basis to see how my pregnancy was going and to encourage me through the first trimester.  I am now near the end of my second trimester with a healthy baby girl.  I can’t wait to meet her!  I will definitely be sending Tamie a birth announcement to go along with all the other beautiful babies she has helped.  Thanks again….I couldn’t be more happy right now!