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Michael, Cambridge, MA

I came to Tamie with severe digestive problems and chronic infections one after another.  After years of trying all sorts of alternative treatments, nothing seemed to get me to a place where I could eat any foods that weren’t specially prepared for me (no seasoning, spices, oils, etc.).  After only 5 months, my diet is much more flexible, I don’t get infections like I used to and I feel much stronger.  And, when I eat something that doesn’t agree with me, the affects are much less than they were before (sometimes I used
to spend days in bed!!).  I truly enjoy my sessions with Tamie as she is never satisfied with the status quo and is always trying to improve my condition.  She is constantly doing research beyond her already broad knowledge of health and well-being to help my specific condition.  I am sure that for every day I am under Tamie’s care, will be a day that brings better health and a bright future! (Tamie’s comment: This is one of severe food sensitivity case I have treated. Michael was taking 80 pills everyday to quiet down his stomach and he was able to eat only two foods w/o help of pills – “beef and eggs” – protein – very difficult to digest for most of people whom suffering from GI issues. Very challenging case we he got better and graduated from my clinic in 5 months.)