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Nicole, Haverhill, MA

After two years of trying to start a family with no success, my husband and I started seeing a reproductive specialist in late March 2009.  After months of tests, we were placed in the category of “unexplained infertility” and advised to move straight to IVF (invitro fertilization).  Immediately I was anxious and on edge, being very uncomfortable with no “root cause” for the infertility and what seemed to me a very drastic step of jumping to the most invasive and expensive fertility treatment.  I was fortunate to have a colleague advise me to seek acupuncture to augment my IVF cycles – he claimed his wife had the best outcomes both physical (egg quantity, egg quality, and great hormone levels) and emotional with acupuncture.  After discussion with my husband, we determined there was not point in moving forward with IVF, until I was emotionally ready.  In May 2009, I came across Tamie’s brochure in the fertility clinic lobby.  I called Tamie and  met with her only a few short days later.  Tamie reviewed with me not only my concerns and experiences with infertility, but also did a thorough review of medical history.  After my very first treatment I felt super relaxed.  With each passing week, I became calmer and noticed I was sleeping better and feeling more “connected”.  At the end of June 2009, I had my first IVF cycle, along with Tamie’s continued acupuncture treatments. I was calm and positive through the whole experience, including the dreaded “two week wait”.  Unfortunately, this cycle resulted in a “chemical pregnancy”. Although this was disappointing result, there are many positives, in that we were able to retrieve high quality embryos and we did achieve implantation.  The most important aspect, thanks to Tamie, is I was able  to handle his experience with extreme calm  and am extremely optimistic that we will achieve our goal.  As an aside, I had a family member mention to me a few weeks ago that my hair appeared thicker and after looking in the mirror, I realized I was no longer
looking through to my scalp!  After consultation with Tamie, she confirmed the treatments for my infertility were focused on my kidneys and this too governed scalp hair.  My hairdresser was “beyond ecstatic” as she scanned through my scalp and
noted all the “a lot of new growth”.
  I sought out Tamie to start a family, and in turn I’ve found a compassionate, caring and talented healer.  When was the last time your doctor called you out of the blue on a Sunday afternoon “to see how you were doing”?
Tamie is truly focused on treating the whole person and gives both her talents and her personal caring to her clients.  I am confident that Tamie will help us achieve our goal of starting a family, and in the meantime I’ll enjoy  my new sense of calm and my new mane!