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Renee, Portland, ME

I have wanted children for many years, but having endometriosis caused my tubes to completely block.  I was told after testing and procedures that IVF was my only option. My first IVF cycle failed and I was so sad.  I started researching acupuncture and learned that the success rate was higher for IVF if acupuncture was included.  Desperate, I was willing to try anything.  I started acupuncture before the next IVF cycle started, and continued it throughout the entire cycle. I ended up transferring two embryos on day 2  which doesn’t happen often.  I thought my chances of becoming pregnant were even lower now that they were transferring on day 2, not to mention that it was Thanksgiving 2009 and I did not think I would be able to receive acupuncture since it was a holiday. But I was wrong.  Tamie graciously took me on and I received both pre- and post-transfer acupuncture, which I was truly thankful for.8/10e gift of our first pregnancy.  We look forward to our due date in August when we will meet our miracle child.  Thank you, Tamie..