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Sahar, Boston, MA

When my husband I began to start trying for a baby I started charting for about three months and shared my results with my physician – she noticed I may have short-luteal phase defect; which can often lead to frustrating results such as taking longer to get pregnant and also chemical pregnancy miscarriages.  While most folks say to keep trying for a year – my physician said knowing this issue already it was ok to be proactive about solutions.  My physician and I discussed options to regulate my cycle – ranging from prescribed medication, with a range of side effects, to acupuncture, which was more gentle and holistic.  The physician mentioned Tammie by name and had mentioned her patients had great results.

I was able to easily schedule a time with Tammie by email and she did a very complete assessment (including a review of my charts); it happened to be right as my ovulation phasewere ending which was the perfect time for my first treatment as I needed help making my ovulation phase last longer and stop my period from coming too soon.  On my first appointment my hubby came along as Tammie completed the first treatment – she also prescribed me plant based supplements for pre-natal.  It was very relaxing and not painful at all – she uses very small needles and just a few in key spots.  So fast forward two weeks later.. I was pregnant!!!

I knew I could still get pregnant with my condition, however, it would make me prone to chemical pregnancy miscarriages – so we continued to meet once a week through my first trimester. I am now in my second trimester and baby is very strong and healthy – in addition to helping me with fertility – Tammie has helped me immensely with all the first trimester symptoms such as nausea and heartburn; all without me requiring any prescribed medication.  In addition, in the midst of horrible allergy season I also have not had to take any decongestants (which one cannot take when pregnant).  She also documents every doctor’s appointment I have and checks in with me afterwards to see if all went okay and adjusts my supplements based on how I’m feeling and progress of my pregnancy.

I have grown to love Tammie’s mid-week check-ins to see how my symptoms are and she has been an awesome fertility and pre-natal coach throughout this process… not having a lot of family in the area it’s been wonderful to have her insight and presence with me as I’ve gone through so many changes.

If you are wondering if you should try Tammie out – please don’t hesitate and at least go for one appointment – that’s all it took for me!  Acupuncture can be a bit pricey, but its nowhere near the cost of IVF and other out-of-pocket fertility treatment expenses that my physician had discussed with me. I love her all natural and caring approach – its made an incredible difference in my outlook as we look forward to welcoming a new bundle of joy! :)