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Sonya, Brookline, MA

I started to see Tamie after I was told from my doctor that there is nothing wrong with me and my husband. We had no luck getting pregnant after trying to conceive over two years. I thought I should give myself 6 months with oriental medicine first before jump into infertility treatment with western medicine. I was told from Tamie that I need to change my diet, ate more steamed yams and leafy dark green vegetables, walk more often, wear warm indoor shoes at home etc… Tamie gave me many useful suggestions. After 3 failed cycles, I had very unusual twitching in my lower abdomen a week before my next period. I could not believe when I saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test ! I continued to come to see her because I had suffered from not spotting but bleeding like period. I was so anxious at the time. Her treatments not only stopped the bleeding but eased my anxiety in the early stage of my pregnancy. I am in 21 weeks now and I am very blessed with having this child.