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Sue, Waltham, MA

I  am 40 years old and 30 weeks pregnant!!   After several IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF in 2 years, I decided to look into alternative treatments.  I saw information on Tamie’s practice at my infertility clinic.   In my first visit with her,  I found her very pleasant to work with.   She really puts you at ease during a very emotionally stressful time.  I went through my 3rd IVF starting acupuncture, but my 4th IVF has been successful.  She has several infertility patients which makes here knowledgeable about the entire process from the meds, timing of events, and procedures.  She was available during pre and post embryo transfer times for a visit which I believe boosts the success rate of implantation. She stays informed about your progress and has been very caring through my cycle and now pregnancy.