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Yang, Westford, MA

I have severe endometriosis and had been bothered by the recurring ovarian cysts for a few years. At the beginning my husband and I were aware of the potential infertility, but we decided to give a try for natural conceive with a positive attitude. Unfortunately after couple of years’ attempt,  a 10cm chocolate cyst grew back on my right ovary. I had to go through my second laparoscopy in summer 2010. After the surgery I was informed by my OB that my pelvic condition is pretty bad due to the scar tissues and the chance of getting pregnant naturally is quite slim. My first IVF turned to be surprising failure. Although there were 10 follicles observed from ultrasound with a correlated E2 level before retrieval, there was only one egg eventually retrieved, no fertilization and ET was cancelled.   Just after this ivf failure, I started seeing Tamie from mid November to seek acupuncture treatment.   I learned a lot from her about on how acupuncture helps decrease the stress level, regulate the menstruation, strengthen the ovarian function, improve blood flow and build uterine lining. I received 1-2 treatment per week for 6 weeks, while in the meantime I was having my second IVF treatment.  For the second ivf, I had 7 eggs retrieved and 4 of them fertilized. Compared to the first ivf result, this was a big improvement.

Unfortunately none of the 4 embryos survived day 3 and the embryo transfer was cancelled again.  I continued the acupuncture treatments with Tamie once a week and at the same time, we started consulting at different fertility centers for second opinion on the endometriosis and ivf treatment. Back in February we decided to switch to a different clinic. While we were waiting for the approval from insurance company for my third IVF treatment, I found I am pregnant naturally in a March morning– without shots and medicines- it is a miracle.

Many thanks to Tamie for the acupuncture treatment.  The  treatment helps us realize our dream of becoming parents.