Toxins in Liver & Colon

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Why is toxin release so important? Because naturally occurring toxin in liver, kidneys, and colon that build up and can adversely impact your health and well-being. What are you going to gain from taking toxin out from a body? You will gain following noticeable symptoms by improving the functionality of each organ – liver, kidney and colon.

  1. Increase Energy
  2. Better Digestion
  3. Decrease “bad food” cravings
  4. Weight Loss and Muscle gain (lose fat and better body mass by gaining muscles)
  5. Increase the clearness of skin (clear rashes)
  6. Clear thinking (if you are having a difficult time focusing or suffering from brain fog)
  7. Improve metabolism
  8. Improvement in your hair quality – stop losing hair and your shiny hair will back!
  9. Better good night sleep (no more restless sleep. You can sleep like baby every single night again)
  10. Improvement in an overall mood – less anxious, less depressed. You are basically happy person again!

Detox #1: Smoothie and Juicing Recipes while you are detoxing either using botanical or supplements. Make sure to have “liquid” breakfast during the cleanse. Liquid breakfast is less stressful for your digestive system to work on in the morning. Save energy in this way.  I recommend Tamie’s Shake. It loaded with fibers, resistant starch, vitamins, minerals and good fat from nuts & seeds and MCT oil. I carry “Collagen” based protein powder. I avoid using whey, egg white, soy based. Peas & rice based powder is suitable for vegetarians.

About the chart (Liver):

The point is if Phase I has blocked means not enough nutrients like B vitamins, for example, the toxins are not going to get assimilated on Phase II. Too much burden on the liver which is not the good news. Visualize the drainage pipe got loaded with sludge. The liver is overwhelmed!!! Where the sludge goes? Where the all the toxins supposedly liver is able to filter thru? Stuck and starts to overflow.

Same theory goes to Phase II. Phase I is OK but if there is not enough amino acid or glutathione, your liver has a problem filtering thru the toxins. If your liver is working very fine on both Phase I and Phase II but not enough BILE, very likely you will have elimination problems. Talking about Glutathione, make sure you take a high-quality glutathione (liposomal version is better) take it with Glutathione Recycler (silymarin, pycnogenol, CoQ10, NAC, ALA, Selenium, Cordyceps, Gotu Kola, Milk Thistle) to help Glutathione works BETTER. Taking Glutathione Recycler is very important factor to get Glutathione works well for the detoxification process.

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Liver Detox Pathway-2