About H.Pylori

About H.Pylori

Helicobacter Pylori, short for H.Pylori is THE trouble making bacterial overgrowth in stomach worldwide. The recent research shows that about 60% U.S. population has one but not knowing they have this bacterial overgrowth. There are many botanical remedies available other than using triple antibiotic shot gun approach treatment which I received more than 20 years ago. No internet back then. I was just like you, working hard as an engineer who had limited knowledge about supplements or nutritions. My stomach lining has not been the same ever since. I still highly recommend to get tested “properly” using the “proper” laboratory” then get treated by the practitioners have a deep understanding of how to treat bacterias, yeast, fungus and parasites “without” harming good bacterias called micro biome. This is VERY important point here!!! If you would like to go ahead to treat yourself naturally, here’s the Tamie’s recommendation.” But I highly recommend the practitioners is able to work with you, either remotely or in your town, to get your gut heal naturally. Remember the fact stomach lining only required 21 days to get completely healed. Elimination diet, short fasting with detox combination for 21 days does miracle to your gut which affects on your mood, pain, thyroid and adrenal health and more!

1. Using Fresh Squeezed Lemon and ACV in the morning, throughout the day and before bed.  The acidity of these agents aggravates the H Pylori and these are natural anti-microbials that kill of H Pylori populations. However, if you are histamine intolerance, avoid using this approach. I recommend you to drink grapefruits seeds extract or mix of extract called Agrisept (10 drops in the morning).

2. Drinking Ginger Tea:  This is especially good for stomach acid production and helps to reduce the H Pylori count. You may check “Tamie’s anti-inflammatory milk drink” article. I found the combination of “Ginger+Turmeric+Ceylon Cinnamon +Coconuts Milk” does wonder to your gut and this hot milk taste good and warm you up from the core. Again, if you have histamine intolerance, you may use Coconuts Butter + Coconuts Oil mix instead of using Coconuts Milk.

3. Slippery Elm, Licorice Root and/or Marshmallow Root Tea:  These all help to rebuild the stomach mucosa which H Pylori degrades.  They also have antimicrobial properties that lower the H Pylori count. You can buy the tea of you can make a tea by combining those extract. Slippery Elm is easy to find. I like this Licorice Root Extract.  If you are in Boston area, I sell Medi Herb’s “Marshmallow Root Extract.” which I believe the best herbal extract in the world. If you have a “acute” scratchy throat, drinking 1 tsp of this extract will eliminate within 15 min. Very powerful extract to work on mucosal lining!

4. Coconut Oil, Coconuts Milk, Coconuts Butter:  Coconut products have lauric acid which improves immunity and is very effective against H Pylori.  Try to take in your various foods or consume straight up each day. Coconuts oil is especially good to be used as Oil Pulling to improve your oral hygine.

5. Turmeric:  I am a huge turmeric lover! Please check this site to find how Turmeric does for your health!!! This is a natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce stomach inflammation.  Look to add turmeric into your diet as often as possible.

6. Oregano, Clove or Lemon Essential Oil:  I recommend one capsule of oregano gel with meal while you are doing pathogen purge and cut down to one gel per day with meal. You may use a drop or two of essential oil in your water throughout the day can be easier than fresh squeezed lemon and they are potent anti-microbials but I found the taste is not so appealing to me. I highly recommend to use Clove essential oil for tooth/gum pain. It instantly numb the area and works wonder for your pain.

7. Aloe Vera:  Aloe reduces H Pylori counts, helps to improve stomach acid production and soothes inflammation in the GI tract.  You can get aloe vera juice or gel at the health food store and drink a glass each day.

8. Berberine:  This is extremely bitter herb used in China for thousands of years to treat GI disorders as well as stabilize blood sugar level.

9. L-Glutamine: I take 5 grams of L-Glutamine per day. It seems a lot but this amino acid is particularly great to support mucosal lining in the gut. Take it each day in shakes, soups, smoothies, etc. I mix with Aloe Vera, Licorice Root extract and Marshmallow Root extract. Nice and sweet taste makes me feel good to take in the morning!

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